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Website Design

Websites today are much more than just a glorified yellow page ad. Their robust, interactive, and they help you run your business efficiently. They are in fact, a "must have" if your plan to market your business to the public.

At Speed Limit Media, we not only provide you with a professional layout and design, but also give you the tools you need to effectively inform your potential customers, let them interact with you and your services, and help you market your business to customers that you may not deal with on a regular basis.

Key Features

It's very important to understand that websites can be a very complicated and tricky business. This is why it is key to hire a designer that can not only give you a stunning design, but a functional tool:

  • Customized design that will match your current, or new marketing materials.
  • Clean and easy to navigate menus.
  • The latest in HTML, PHP, W3C and JS technology.
  • Built in Search Engine Optimization, including keywords, descriptions, SEO friendly URLS, Sitemaps, and Submission to the major search engines.
  • Unlimited pages, and separate configuration of those pages.
  • Administrative back end for non technical users to be able to update their own content, thus saving money on expensive updates.
  • Great tools such as Credit Card Processing, Advertising Management, Form Processing, User Management, Directories, and more.
  • Upgradeable: You no longer have to purchase a new website every few years to keep it fresh. You can now keep all your information in the same place, and simply purchase a new design and have it implemeted into your site.
  • Expandable: Modules can be added at any time to expand the functionality of your website. If you wish to add a shopping cart, or Credit Card Processing, all we have to do is install the software, your website doesn't change, and most importantly, the design all flows together and looks the same.
  • Video: Ever want to have videos on your website? Well you can now. We can add a video module that works simliar to those big corporate websites and have it work just as smoothly.
  • Easy Changes: The modular system allows for parts of your website to be moved, repositioned, published, or unpublished with a click of the mouse.

These are just a few of the features that come standard with all of our websites. To hear more about these and other features, contact us today for a quote.

Website Features

Below is a list of our top features:

1Content Management: you are provided with a login to administer your own content whenever you feel like it. No more having to wait for your designer to make changes for you.

2Stunning Designs: feel confident that a million dollar design, does not have to cost a million dollars. We'll tailor your design to your business, and make you look as big as you want to look.

3Unlimited Size: there are no per page costs here. Your website can have as many pages as you wish. They can be created on the fly, and edited just as easily.

4Safe and Secure: All of our websites come standard with htaccess,robots, vulnerability patches, security, and all the features necessary to ensure that your site never gets hacked or comprimised.

Website Tips

It's important that you understand your products. We have created these documents to help you in understanding just what websites are, and how they work.

  • Part 1: What is a website?
  • Part 2: What is hosting?
  • Part 3: Can my website do what theirs does?
  • Part 4: A word on prices.
  • Part 5: Can I edit it myself?