Marketing and Publicity

Marketing and PublicityMarketing is and always has been a tricky business. How do you maket? To whom to you maket? Is it always a good idea to be in the local paper? What about Radio? Are billboards right for me? Are there any other mediums that would benefit my business?

These are questions that every business owner asks themselves. But who is there to help you with the answers? We are!

We've established relationships with nearly every advertiser in the Northwest Indiana region. We keep in constant contact with them to find out all the great deals, and specials that they have.

We also keep track of what mediums are more effective in certain areas for certain businesses. This allows us to create a custom marketing plan for your business in the area your located, so that you can effectively market to your demographic.

Most importantly, we also help you with your ads. Whether its graphic design, audio production, or even video production for television, we can help you create a marketing campaign that will leave your competition in the dust.


Here are some of the businesses that we work with to better serve you.

  • The Times Media Group
  • The Post Tribune
  • Indiana 105.5 FM
  • X-Rock 103.9 FM
  • Z107.1 FM
  • Lakeshore Public Television
  • Lakeshore Public Radio
  • Gary Southshore Railcats
  • Lamar Billboard Advertising
  • View Outdoor Billboard Advertising
  • The Family Flyer
  • Crown Point Values
  • Chesterton Tribune
  • Herald Argus
  • and many many more!